Biometrics for Enterprise Access Control

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Biometrics for Enterprise Access Control

Many enterprises that have deployed biometrics for access control are doing so because it is an effective multiplier of the investment already made in the access control system. An access control system provides control, whereas biometrics provides accountability and accuracy.

The use of biometrics in enterprise Access Control applications is a natural fit. Biometrics dramatically increases security by providing a practically guaranteed verification of a person’s identity. Card/fob systems only guarantee that a card is present – anyone could be holding the card. Pin systems only guarantee someone who knows the pin is present. Biometrics practically guarantee’s that the person who is permitted access is actually the person attempting to gain access.

The retrofit of biometrics to an existing access control system or the installation of biometrics onto a new access control system is a simple process. Access control systems and biometrics typically use a standard protocol named Wiegand. Biometric readers are installed in place of HID iClass card readers, HID Proximity card readers, Standard Proximity card readers Mifare card readers, Desfire card readers and pin pads. In a typical card based access control system the person presents a card and a unique number is read from the card and then sent to the door controller. When a biometric system is used the person presents there biometrics. In less than a second the person is identified and the the same unique number is sent to the door controller. All existing access control rules are then applied.

A recent Enterprise Access Control deployment was based on Identity One’s BioManager enrollment and BioBridge middleware solution. The customer is a regional healthcare provider with multiple sites. For this application the customer required multiple enrollment stations at different locations so staff didn’t have to travel. The enrollment was done in a web browser over there intranet. The IT department also required centralized control and seamless integration with the existing access control system to avoid duplicate data entry. They also required that upon termination or resignation of a user that there biometric profile was automatically disabled\deleted and for this to be administered from the access control system. Identity One’s BioManager Enrollment and BioBridge middleware platform provided all the functionality required and the customer was able to achieve a highly accurate and reliable system in days. All the existing infrastructure and data of their current access control system was leveraged providing a rapid return on investment and multiplier on their existing access control investment.

Fingerprint biometric systems are a highly accurate and cost effective solution for enterprise access control. The highest level of convenience and security is achieved using the combination finger vein and fingerprint.

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